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The Muses Underneath the Binders

...Let me Blow some Inspiration Your way...

All the FTM's who are inspired
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This community is for the gender-varient, albeit transgender, androgynous, butch, genderqueer, genderfuck. Partners, friends, and just plain ol' supporters are highly welcome, as well. The owner of this community is gunthief. My vice president is Cha, aka bymorning, and by all-mighty owner law, I am making Kalib, a.k.a transcending_me, the Senator of this community!

Rules! And we do have some:

1) No hate speeches. The KKK and any followers of Adolf Hitler (the evil anti-transgenderist who was infact intersexed himnself!) will be shot on sight.
2) Explicit/XXX/Cursing material is allowed. The underaged/unwilling are not to view. It's your choice. This is a 15+ group.
3) Constructive criticism is allowed, but "DUDE THAT SO SUCKS" and anything under that, is not allowed.
4) This is a FUN community. F-U-N. Do I NEED to whip out the Sponge Bob Squarepants soundtrack?
5) ANY artistic material can be posted. Play writes, poems, short stories, photography...the list goes on..and on...and on... Alright already!
6) This is an outlet for muses, people! We can help you gain ideas for writing, poetry, etc!
7) Personal problems are GREATLY allowed. We are not just muses for arts, but also the shoulder-cry-on muses...is there such a thing?
8) You are to recognize me, Dani/Kurtis, as your mighty god and sav---...No? I can't?...Damnit Cha, you ruin all my fun!