aedan_james (aedan_james) wrote in ftm_in_the_arts,

HELP A GUY OUT: Trans-owned label with the chance to send an artist to a massive UK festival!!

Hi guys,

My name is Aedan, Im 22 and work in the music industry. Transitioning in such an environment has been REALLY tough. Especially with such a massive network of email/telephone-based associates who I don't know on a personal level but needed to inform of my trans status.. a tricky group to come out to! Not helped by the fact that the music industry in general is VERY, VERY judgmental about, well, most things.. let alone trans issues, so it's been a bit of a struggle.

However, one of my artists has entered a competition to play at the V festival, a massive event in the UK.

The artist in question is Adele Swallow, a 24 year old cisgendered lesbian, who unafraid of expressing her sexuality and feelings via her songs. She is also my best friend and a great trans ally.

It would be amazing if one or two of you could vote for her in the below link, but more than anything.. she's been a great help to me, coming to psych appointments and all sorts.. so just getting a few more people to take a listen to her music would be great a great thank you!

Competition link:

More songs:

Btw, I am very very sorry if a post like this is not allowed, please inform me asap and i will remove it :)
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