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awkward musical parts -- help?

so we have a new director for the Musical this year. a director who doesn't know i'm a tranny.
but the vocal instructor knows that last year i could sing soprano and 'was a girl', i don't know if they've been in communication about it...

but castings were up today, and i'm Officer Lonigan. which i have no complaints for, other than the fact that he sings a ridiculously high tenor. verging on soprano.

note that i've been on T for a good ten months now, and sing bass in chorus. and while i admit to being a baritone, and could easily sing tenor two.. i'm no longer able to hit high notes. at all. in fact, when singing Lonigan's song at callbacks yesterday (they had us all sing it as a kind of onthespot thing), my voice completely cut out. i kept singing, my voice did not. and then i squeaked when i finally managed a little falsetto.

so i figured he might allow me to sing it a bit lower, so at least i can sing it, right? no. i asked today and he said i'll just have to sing it.

i'm not normally one to complain about these kind of dealings, and in fact, i'm really happy to have a singing part.

... but my classmates are just starting to accept me as a guy. the last thing i want to do is go on stage and sing like a girl, and a bad one, at that.

what should i do? tell him i can't do it? tell him i'm a tranny and it'd be extremely traumatic for me to sing such high notes in front of my peers (which isn't a lie, just thinking about it is making me nauseous. especially since i'm just starting to become confident in my baritone voice)?? maybe i could tell him i have hormone problems, and i've been made fun of for having a high voice in the past and i'm really uncomfortable singing high and unless he'll let me lower it to a reasonable note then i have to pass??? or mayhap i'm just over-reacting and i need to just shut up and sing high (and probably screw the part over completely)..????
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