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The Muses Underneath the Binders

...Let me Blow some Inspiration Your way...

10/29/07 12:06 pm - allthecolors - Fwd: Leather Artists Everywhere SWLAE wants your art NOW

2nd Annual Southwest Leather Art Exhibition


This year, any artist can submit an artwork for consideration into
the exhibition, no matter your location. We encourage artists to
submit works that they feel called to share. Submission Guidelines
appear below.

The artwork does not have to be kink-related or erotic in nature,
though those subjects are welcome. SWLC is about heart and spirit
and we want to showcase the artistic expressions of that in its many

The deadline for submission is November 15, 2007. A pre-selected
panel will review all artwork, and selected pieces will be displayed
as part of the Southwest Leather Conference 2008.

Questions about submissions or guidelines can be sent to

The link below will take you to the page with all of the information.


10/20/07 12:01 am - popsiclexvision - Intro

Hey guys. I am Dan. I'm 20 years old FTM (8 mo T/pre op/blahblah) I am an art student in new york. I do a lot of everything. Sculpture in clay and metal, etc. Carpentry. Etching. Drawing. Painting (oil usually) Photography, and Film.

Unfortunately... I don't currently have any new work to show as my laptop that i uploaded pictures of my portfolio to died so I need to reshoot it. However, you can check out older stuff at http://purplepenguinpie.deviantart.com

Thats that. Peace.

10/8/07 06:14 pm - allthecolors - Some recent paintings

Thought I'd share some of my recent work with acrylics:

8/31/07 08:34 am - pirate_poet - Attention Comics Creators! Submissions Sought for "Gay City: Volume One"!

From http://www.prismcomics.org/display.php?id=1460

Seattle’s Gay City Health Project is seeking submissions of unpublished comic art, fiction, poetry, and photography for its anthology, Gay City: Volume One, along with donations to fund the publication of the project. The anthology will serve to promote the Gay City mission of preventing HIV transmission through building community, fostering communications and nurturing self-esteem among gay men. While the content of submissions should be focused on gay men, contributing artists may be of any orientation and gender. Click here for the submission guidelines.

“We are looking for fresh takes on the gay aesthetic beyond the usual clichés,” says Editor, Vincent Kovar. "Is there such a thing as a gay landscape or homo-surrealism or queer futurism? Do you have an entirely unique take on the homoerotic or the closet or coming out that we haven’t seen before? We’re creating a cross between the New Yorker and Christopher Street that pushes “gay” upward into a new territory beyond the confines of mere sexual behavior.”

The anthology will run between 250-300 pages and is planned as an annual project, produced under the auspices of the Gay City Health Project. The anthology will be distributed around the country, not only to contributors and sponsors but to Gay City outreach programs, libraries, book sellers and community groups. It will also be used as a “premium” during Gay City fundraising which engages a wide audience. The anthology will be available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and other online retailers, as well as directly through Gay City, plus on a print-on-demand capacity.

Entries must be postmarked by September 29th, 2007.

To donate funds for the publication of the anthology, please contact Vincent Kovar at anthology@gaycity.org or you can send a check directly to the Gay City Health Project, 511 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122 (mark the subject line "anthology") or click here: http://www.gaycity.org/index.php?page=donate

The Gay City Health Project is a multicultural gay men's health organization and the premiere provider of HIV and STD testing services in King County. Their mission is to promote gay and bisexual men's health and prevent HIV transmission by building community, fostering communication, and nurturing self-esteem. Currently the sole community-based provider of free, anonymous HIV and STD testing and counseling services in King County, Gay City tests nearly 2,000 men per year in both English and Spanish. Gay City is also one of two partner organizations that operate Seattle's Center for LGBT Health, a 5,300 square foot facility includes clinical space, group meeting rooms, administrative offices, and a full service coffee shop. Go to www.gaycity.org for more information on Gay City’s programs.

8/17/07 11:10 am - xannish - Heya

My name's Alex, and I'm a 21-year-old FtM in SLC, Utah. I do both art of various sorts and writing. Found this community and decided it looked interesting, so here I am. Nothing new to share at the moment, though I have two deviantART sites, ~Xannish for my writing (which I am a bit more proud of) and =Alexxan for my visual art, digital and traditional. Looking forward to admiring the work of/talking to other artistic transguys.

7/31/07 01:34 pm - vellyrox

allthecolors told me about this place! exciting!

some paintings and photos
Read more...Collapse )

5/17/07 01:43 pm - allthecolors - Fwd: Bridges and Borders - Artists Sought

Please distribute widely.

Borders and Bridges Art Gallery
Southern Comfort Conference 2007

"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." -- Audre Lorde

Borders define limits between "who is" and "who is not". Who is and is not a woman. Who is and is not a man. Who is and is not queer. Who is and is not trans. Who is a transsexual, who is a genderqueer. Who is a butch and who is a transman. And most importantly, who is not any of those designations, or is maybe part of all of them, and what happens to our system of borders when some people are not neatly contained within the boundaries. Borders are necessarily intimately related with power: the power to define, the power to enforce, the power to negate. Borders and their coercive definitions are essential tools of racism, sexism, classism, ableism, and heterosexism; in order to maintain power, those who are disempowered must be clearly defined. Community borders reflect the power structures of the dominant culture we inhabit.

Bridges are community attempts to overcome the schisms created by border and identity policing. Bridges are about establishing and maintaining a nurturing and cohesive community; bridges are about relieving internal pressures to fit within the parameters of external borders.

The Border and Bridges art gallery for the Southern Comfort Conference 2007 in Atlanta, GA, goes hand in hand with the conference's theme of Family: borders and bridges are community concerns, family concerns. We are seeking art entries of any medium that explore borders, push boundaries, examine biases, explode limits, demand visibility, or otherwise depict the artists' interpretation of this theme.

*********Although recommended, it is no longer necessary that artists attend the SCC 2007 Conference in order to submit their artwork. If you wish to submit but cannot attend, please contact the gallery director, Tommy Theollyn, to make arrangements for the shipment and/or display of your work at artexhibit@sccatl.org or by postal mail to SCC Art Exhibit, R.R. 2 Box 2711-A4, Townsend, GA 31331. While SCC assumes no liability for works displayed, we want everyone to have an opportunity to share their vision, regardless of whether or not they can attend.


4/24/07 05:32 pm - charcoalgreen

hi everyone. i'm looking for a CD that is not in print anymore. i can find it on amazon for about 80.00 or ebay for 179.00 on CD.

the mystery of edwin drood. if anyone happens to have this musical, and they would be so kind as to make me a copy and mail it to me. i'll be more than happy to pay for postage. i used to own this cd and someone broke into my car and stole all my cds.

but if anyone has it, or knows anyone who knows someone who has it. i'd LOVE a copy.


4/15/07 04:36 am - unlockt - Any other people in "The Business" here? (Basically x-posted to ftm.)

Hello everyone. I'd tell you my name, but I can't decide on one. So for now, just call me "A" or Ayde. :]

Anyway, I'm a Junior Theatre Major from Northeastern Pennsylvania going for a concentration in Acting/Directing, and possibly a Dance concentration or minor as well. I've experienced a wonderful amount of acceptance from both my peers and the faculty both in and outside of the department (after having been known as "female" my entire freshman year). Ever since I came out, I've been cast in a number of shows, and I've been wondering if other Trans Theatre people have had mostly similar or different reactions/experiences. I do a fair amount of tech. work too, and I guess the only thing that really bothers me is that I'm still doing most set work as a "painter" instead of a "builder." However, people say it's because I'm artistic and that it's not a gender thing (the "men" tend to do most of the building), but I'd really like some construction experience. XP

So, anyway... are there any other Theatre/Drama/Dance people here?

Basically, I'm just wondering what your life is like. I mean, I'm the only transgendered actor I know...plus I'm the only transsexual I know of at my school. So I guess I'm just wondering what it's like for other people in similar circumstances.

Like... what are you currently doing with your career? Are you employed, still in school, do you have a BFA or MFA? Have you had any difficulty getting cast due to your body's transitional state, what do you do about Jazz pants (pack somehow?), do costumers have a difficult time finding things to fit you or do they just make everything themselves, how far along are you in your transition, have there been any unusually positive or negative differences to how you've been treated as a techie, actor, or dancer...etc.

You know, any of that good stuff. Plus it'd be cool to know a trans person in The Business besides myself.

(Again, basically x-posted to ftm.)

3/26/07 07:46 pm - allthecolors - GLBT Arts n crafts show in Tucson, AZ

Hey all,

I just wanted to say I'm excited and nervous about taking some of my art down to Tucson for a GLBT arts n crafts show. I don't know why I'm feeling any negativity towards it, just feels like too much on my plate right now. Which is possibly the only reason. But another piece of me (probably the starving artist piece) is very much excited about the chance to show/sell my art and of course if I did sell anything it would be great because I can put it in my top surgery fund.

Just a brain dump

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